Facebook Analytics will cease to exist: these are the reasons

Facebook Analytics is a very useful tool for all companies and people who work in the Digital Marketing Area, although little use but undoubtedly effective for entrepreneurs and small companies.

However, last month Facebook announced that their tool analytics will cease to exist on June 30. The reason for the decision is due to a change that Apple will make in its next update to iOS 14, they will block the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).

This tool has some advantages that Google Analytics does no offer, for example, the Facebook Pixel when a user performs an action that can be a visit website it will always show the unique visit, Google Analytics does not show it easily.

And then what is Facebook going to offer us now? we will only be using the basic tools that are:

There are also sections such as Business Manager, Ad, Costumers Interactions, Sell products and services and Analysis and Reports in the latter the Analytics will disappear.

Although the removal of Analytics is not only due to Apple’s announcement, other problems that led to that decision such as a low percentage of use, Google Analytics and the Facebook tool have never been easy to use.

What do you think will cause this deletion? What other tool do you think apart from Google Analytics could be its successor? let me know in the comments.

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